By | November 25, 2016

the term “allopathy” is used by some alternative medicine practitioners to describe people who practice conventional or “western” medicine. because this word was originally developed as an epithet to insult traditional medical practitioners, it is rare to see regular doctors calling themselves allopath. some doctors also reject the use of the term because they feel it is no longer an adequate characterization of the practice of medicine.

While the practice of conventional medicine may have once earned the label of allopathy, many doctors believe that this is not the case anymore. osteopathic physicians, such as practicing a whole; his body approach to medicine, and their credentials are almost identical to the regular doctors. Many doctors also recognize the importance of looking at the whole body when considering the patient’s health needs, and modern medical care is focused on the general well-being, not just a reactive response to symptoms of disease.
the pejorative implications of this term is sometimes lost on the people who use it. some alternative practitioners refer to allopathy in scathing tones when speaking with customers, to emphasize the value of the treatments they offer. other practitioners of alternative medicine to avoid the term, however, recognize that there are many approaches to medicine, and some even work hand in hand with conventional practitioners. a chiropractor, for example, could work with a spine specialist to treat and prevent back injuries.

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