Beet And Lemon Juice Liver Detoxifying Diet

Beet And Lemon Juice Liver Detoxifying Diet

By | November 25, 2016

The liver is responsible for metabolizing, producing bile and remove toxins from the body. Without a healthy liver, the body can not function at peak capacity. An annual liver detox diet primes this body to do an effective job of cleaning toxins out of the body and restore it to a healthy state

Why Beets?
Beets are essential for liver enhancement because the thin bile, allowing it to flow more easily through the body and into the small intestine, where it is broken down and peristalsis stimulated. This improved bile flow aids in the prevention of gallstones, a leading cause of surgical removal of the gallbladder. Because of this, beets are a good diet supplement for preventing and reducing the chance of gallbladder attack. The pigments found in red and yellow beets, called betaxanthin, protects liver cells from harmful chemicals by providing effective protection from antioxidants.

Why Lemon?
Lemon juice aids in digestion of food and prevents undigested or partially digested food enters the bloodstream, this syndrome is known as “leaky gut.” Your liver recognizes undigested food that toxins and have to work to filter them out. Because the digestive process is improved, the liver can relax. Lemon juice also contains antioxidants from vitamin C. As the liver removes toxins from the blood they become free radicals and their negative effects are then neutralized by antioxidants.

Beet Lemon Juice Detox
1/2 small beet

handful beet greens
1/2 lemon

4 dandelion leaves
2 stuffed apples with skin

1cm fresh ginger
1 cup of distilled water

Preblend beet in a blender or food processor, then add other ingredients. Sil liquified ingredients through a cheesecloth until smooth. Drink this detoxifying juice as a breakfast substitute. The recipe makes one serving.

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