How To Lose Weight The Easy Healthy Way

How To Lose Weight The Easy Healthy Way

By | November 25, 2016

Will lose those extra pounds you packed on during the winter? Well here is a guide for all those late starters. . .

You need:.
Good health

Self Control for meals.

Memory for calories.
30 Minutes a day exercise.

Stay in good health. Trying to lose weight while sick is just impossible. If you do not feel good on the inside you will not look good on the outside.

Portion. When eating meals thinking about what you would normally take for a helping and then actually grab only half. And do not go back for seconds.

Water. Losing weight with water is very easy to do if done correctly. Drink a glass of ice water every morning first thing when you wake up. Also drink a glass before each meal. And during the day if you get crave a starvation drink water first and wait 30 minutes if you are still hungry so you can eat.

Calorie Counting. Do not write these numbers down because it’s highly unlikely that you will keep track of a laptop with these recordings for the rest of your life. Instead keep a ball park figure in your head as the day goes. Try to calculate high and not exceed 1700 if you are trying to lose weight. You must not exceed 2000 if you try to maintain your weight.

Exercise. This is important for at least 30 minutes a day walk, play with your kids, or cleaning the house is just a few examples to help. Make exercise fun, so you’re more motivated to do it.

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