How To Stay Slim This Holiday

How To Stay Slim This Holiday

By | November 25, 2016

The holiday can be a landmine for diet plans. Here are tips for staying thin and loose weight this holiday

First make sure the fridge is full of healthy foods like carrots. Before going to a party make sure you chow down on these healthy low calorie options. That way you will be less tempted to eat the high calorie treats at parties.

Next when you eat at parties head to the salad section first. Fill your plate with salad, so you will have less room for high calorie fattening treats, thus b less tempted to seize them.

Now when you sit at the table choose the chair closest th wall and difficult to get out of. This will encourage you to renounce these fattening seconds.

Now make sure you take naps throughout the day in the season. A recent report suggests that being tired makes people eat more and gain weight. Naps will help to combat this.

Next make sure you stay active. First, try to click on a pedometer so you can keep track of how many steps you take. Challenge yourself to take steps every day. So make sure that you volunteer to wash dishes. Not only will t hat get you brownie points, but it will help to keep you busy so do not snack. Plus it burns calories to help you keep believe. Finally volunteer to help babysitting and watching the kids. This will minimize eating and give you both a cardio and weight training. Lit children, carrying the young and run around with them. Enjoy playing and lose weight simultaneously.

Tips and Warnings

Try weighing yourself every few days to see how the pitch you are.

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