Vitamin K Information

Vitamin K Information

By | November 25, 2016

Vitamin K plays an important role in the body’s function. A fat-soluble vitamin, it requires the fat to be absorbed by the body. Most adults get an adequate amount of vitamin K in the diet

Fun Fact
The “K” in vitamin K stands for the German word “koagulation.” It refers to the blood clotting process, which requires vitamin K.

The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommends that adults over 19 years get 90 micrograms of vitamin K per day. For teenagers, between 14 to 18 years old, the recommended amount of 75 micrograms of vitamin K per day.

In adults, a vitamin K deficiency rare. The body saves vitamin K, found in a variety of foods.

Vitamin K is found in soybean oil, broccoli, raw kale, cereal, cauliflower and mayonnaise.

If you take a blood thinner such as warfarin, vitamin K rich foods can interfere with medications function. Consult a health care provider about possible interactions.

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