Eating Plans To Lose Weight Quickly

Eating Plans To Lose Weight Quickly

By | November 26, 2016

Weight loss can take a long time or it can be done fairly quickly, especially if you need to lose a few pounds. A weight loss eating plan must remove the “empty calories” foods and weight highly nutritious, filling foods. In addition to losing weight quickly, you must exercise moderately most days to keep your metabolism burning calories

There is a good chance that excess weight you have accumulated as a result of poor eating choices. Foods that are deep fried, processed and refined is loaded with calories and fat, and have very few nutrients. Some examples of these foods are cheese fries, pizza, hot wings, burgers, donuts, candy, cakes and pies. If you want to lose weight, you need this stuff to go.

Drinks are another culprit when it comes to excess body weight. Even in liquid form, calories are still calories. A good eating plan for fast weight loss will include the elimination of all beverages that are sweetened either or calories. This would include soda, sweetened teas and juices, alcohol and very sugary drink coffee. A 24-ounce vanilla bean frappuccino at Starbucks weighs in at around 600 calories. You might as well drink a milkshake. Eliminate all such drinks if you are looking for quick weight loss.

Water, however, keeps the cells in your body hydrated, flushes toxins from your system, aids in digestion and has zero calories. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women get 2.7 total liters of water a day and men get 3. 7 liters a day.

Fiber is a substance that can not be broken down by the body. It goes into the digestive tract, collects some debris and then goes through the system as escort for waste. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating fiber help reduce your chances of developing heart disease and diabetes. It also recommends that women get 21 to 25 grams a day of fiber and men get 30 to 38g a day. When you eat fiber, it makes you feel full, which can satisfy your appetite for a longer period and leads to fewer calories consumed. Some examples of high-fiber foods are pears, peas, oat bran, raspberries, lentils and artichokes.

Metabolic Rate
Eat small, balanced meals is one way to boost your metabolism. Every time a meal is eaten, the body has to burn calories to digest food. This is called the thermic effect of food. If this happens every 2 to 3 hours during the day, your body will adapt to this pace and be more effective to burn calories, which can lead to weight loss. An example of a small meal would be celery sticks spread with peanut butter and raisins. This is a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and it has a fiber to hold you over until the next meal.

calorie restriction
Burning 3,500 calories burn 1 kg fat. The usual safe amount of weight loss is about half 1 half kilogram a week. To lose weight a little faster, reduce your daily caloric intake by 500 calories. If you do this with a workout plan that you burn 500 calories a day, you can lose 2 pounds a week.

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