Using Thinspiration To Stick To Your Diet

Using Thinspiration To Stick To Your Diet

By | November 26, 2016

“Thispiration” is a term to use images of thin or fit people as inspiration for weight loss. Thinspiration works by making a positive relationship between healthy choices and healthy people. It is much more effective than negative reinforcement methods, such as using images of obese men and women to be ashamed to eat poorly or not exercising.

If you need more motivation to stick to your diet and exercise plans, here’s how thinspiration can work for you

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of every weight loss diet. So thinspiration the kitchen, tape images of healthy women (or men) to the front of the refrigerator. Next time you go to the refrigerator looking for a slice of cheesecake as snacks, the image of a thin woman jogging, drinking, or eating an apple will encourage you to find a healthier alternative.

Place pictures of slim and fit women in the closet or cupboard where you keep fitness. For example, if you keep practicing clothing and free weights in a drawer, tape a picture of a gym scene in the feeder. Choose photos where people smiling while working, to reinforce the positive aspects of training.

Change the computer’s desktop image to a thinpirational image. It can be a picture of fruits and vegetables, thin people who eat salad, or fit people working out and drinking.

If you commute by car and usually take quick bite at fast food restaurants, losing a thinspirational image in the glove compartment. Pack some apples and rice cakes in the glove compartment, or stop by a grocery store to buy some fresh food.

In the wallet keep a few small pictures of think people in front of your credit card and your cash. This can help you resist impulse buying junk food.

Over time, use thinspiration will help you to associate healthy lifestyle choices to happiness and looks good, and which in turn will help you stick to a weight loss plan.
There are many more places where you can put positive images. Place them wherever you may be tempted to eat poorly, or losing them to places where you will be reminded to exercise. Always choose photos that include people smiling and enjoying healthy activities.

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