7 Day Body Detox

7 Day Body Detox

By | November 27, 2016

A seven-day detox is perfect for people who are trying to improve their health by cleaning excess toxins from the body. Our bodies are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, and the battle begins as our bodies work hard to keep the blood clean. Our kidneys and liver filter blood impurities. However, the standard American diet resulted in more toxic people because bodies can not always keep up with the load that is put on the body. Too many toxins that live in the body can cause cancer, serious health conditions or general ill health.

Before starting any kind of detox plan, talk with your doctor first. Colon cleansing and removes toxins can cause problems that may occur in some people. It is important to be under a doctor’s care before starting a detox program if you have any digestive problems health problems. For example, if you have a temperamental gallbladder, it’s can cause your body to clean out stones that can cause pain other complications. If you experience pain, it goes ER immediately.

The detox consists of a pure raw food vegetarian diet for a whole week. You may be hungry, but you are always welcome to eat more fruits and vegetables.

What you need: Distilled water, garlic, 14 lemons, one bag of carrots, two bags of apples, and other all vegetables of your choice such as asparagus, beets, and dark green vegetables. You can also buy all kinds of fruit that you like, such as peaches, watermelon, pineapple and strawberries. But please do not combine fruits and vegetables when making juice as described in the program. The other fruits you can combine apples. In addition, do not drink distilled water on a regular basis. Distilled water should be used during a cleanse to flush out excess toxins.

The plan
You need to consume half of your body weight in grams of water every day. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds you need to drink 80 grams of water every day. If you exercise or spend time in the sun you may need even more water. Listen to your body.

During detox, you must avoid all processed foods, sugar, junk food or anything that is not beneficial to your body.

Every day you will be drinking special juice and eating raw foods like fruits and vegetables. You can steam some vegetables to meals, but for the most dramatic results do not boil some vegetables.

You will notice that you feel better, but you can be out candy for the first few days. If you really need something sweet you can have 1 teaspoon of raw honey twice daily. But is it so important that you eat raw honey because processed honey is only transformed into pure sugar.

Start your Detox
Start each day with a full glass of distilled water and drink water continuously throughout the day until you have consumed the amount of water necessary for your body weight. Wait 30 minutes before juicing. For breakfast drink straight lemon juice with a mashed clove of garlic every day. Juicing two lemons per day should be enough for a small glass of juice for one person.

For lunch, juice a combination of apples and carrots. If you need more substance, wait an hour or so, and eat some fruit and vegetables whole.

For dinner, focus on eating only vegetables like lettuce, carrots and asparagus. Continue to drink distilled water all day. Do this for seven whole days. Once you have completed your detox you still want to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Only slowly incorporate cooked foods in your diet.

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