How To Teach The Body To Transform Information Free

How To Teach The Body To Transform Information Free

By | November 27, 2016

In truth, I would not spend much time or money on machines, gadgets and general “Stuff” that you can buy to get in shape.

Actually much of this “Stuff” ends up as hangers, garage sales or E-Bay.
No it only ensure fitness investment I can think of is knowledge.

I once read that the more you know, the less you need in life.
I think it’s true, I started needing a full scale one million US dollars fancy gym. Now cinder blocks, rocks and a playground make up much of my personal training space.

The only problem is that the best body shaping info comes at a cost as buying more books, attend lectures and seminars or rent you your local personal trainer.
Below are some tactics I use to get enough of. free fitness information quickly and easily

Books:. .

Believe it or not, the best fitness and health do not grow stale. This means that all the older books from the 80s which is free at your local library is still as good, stipulate that the information they had was decent. If it worked 30 years ago, it will still work today.
So hit up your local library and start eating books on the subject you want.

Another tactic I use is to brows the books at your local bookstore. In all honesty you can get real meat of what a book is talking about in the first few pages. The rest of the book is just filler for support for the idea and various case studies or exercises. So you can read the introduction understand that the book is about eating ever 3 hours or working in a certain way and then put the book back. You already have 90% of what you need to know to make changes

Video :. .
You Tube and other sites are chock full of free videos that are often as good as or better than what you can buy in the store.

If you are considering buying a DVD on yoga or belly dancing hit up you Tube and search for similar videos, or even the same video you are considering buying. The quality may not be the same, but the information you get will be just as potent by changing your body.

newsletter :.
Every internet fitness guru (Like yours truly) have some kind of weekly or monthly newsletter with lots of free info that you can use.

Best yet, it delivered directly to your inbox so when you sign up you do not need to do anything to keep new information comes into
Must be aware that many online fitness marketers will use their newsletter only as a marketing ploy and hardly dispense any worthwhile info for you. So if you sign up to a newsletter, but you do not get any info you can really use for a month or two, simply unsubscribe via link at the bottom. .


There are lots of free podcasts out there (Again also from yours truly) that can be very specific to your training. Getting ready for a beauty contest? Trying to improve 5K time? I bet all the podcasts dedicated to just those topics.
Remember that you need an I-pod to receive podcasts. Simply down load them to your computer and listen through tabletop

Google Alerts :. .

The final quality source of free information is something called Google Alerts powered by Google. (Who else would it be?)
Just head to Google and click on Alerts in several categories. Basically what an alert does is it scours the Internet for the key words you are looking into, and then delivers links to relevant blogs, websites and reports that come up.

It’s a great way to keep fresh information comes in. I have a notification called “Fitness myths” and every week I get an email with links and descriptions of various web pages where people have talked about different fitness myths.
There are internet searches done for you!

Tips and Warnings

Remember that whatever information you come across, just by playing around and experimenting are you going to discover what really works best for you.
Be sure to see your doctor before starting on any radical or new training programs or diets.

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