Carrot Varieties For Juicing

Carrot Varieties For Juicing

By | November 28, 2016

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Juicing carrots gives your body a mega-dose of vitamins and minerals like calcium and beta carotene. All carrot varieties are packed with nutrition, but some offer different tastes. Raw carrot juice is a potent tonic for people who want to detox and nourish the body quickly with a jolt of vitamins. Drinking raw juice bypasses digestion so that nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream faster. Carrots contain a small amount of sugar as this can cause a slight increase in blood sugar as well.

Juice bertan carrots if you like juice really cute. These carrots are much sweeter than most varieties because they contain more sugar. As other varieties these carrots contain a high amount of beta carotene, vitamin C and calcium. These carrots are dense and crunchy with a deep orange color. Bertan carrots are also very thick in diameter from root to tip, with dark green leaves.

Purple Carrots
Purple carrots, also called Asian carrots, contains a high level of nutrients and even specific antioxidants anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is an antioxidant that protects cells and strengthens the immune system, according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, author of “Forever Young” and “The Wrinkle Cure.” This antioxidant can also be found in acai berries and salmon as well. Purple carrots are similar to berries because they both contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, anthocyanin and vitamin A. The color is dark purple, burgundy or bluish, so that the juice is not orange. These carrots have a more spicy flavor than other traditional carrots. The foliage is large and dark green, making them easy to pull from the ground. Asian carrots are also thick top at the base and thinner towards the tip.

Nantes carrots are widespread, because this variety can grow very quickly. Carrots germinate within 12 weeks of being planted. These carrots are orange and thick in diameter towards the top and thinner towards the tip. Nantes carrots are usually seen in grocery stores because of its rapidly growing times. The juice is orange, and these carrots contain a wide variety of nutrients like other varieties. Nantes is high in beta carotene, calcium and other minerals. These carrots have a sweet taste.

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