How To Speed Up Metabolism

How To Speed Up Metabolism

By | November 28, 2016

As our body increase in age, our metabolism slows by 5% every decade after 40. So, how do we get our bodies to burn calories as they did in our 20s? This article will tell you how

You need:.
Your body weight now

. your ideal body weight.
basic math skills.

lots of food. Mobile Willingness to loss weight.

The first thing you need to know is your basal metabolic rate. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is an estimate of how many calories you will burn if you were to do nothing but rest for 24 hours. It represents the minimum amount of energy to keep the body functioning, including breathing and keep your heart beating, according myfitnesspal. com. Calculate your BMR using the following website: http: // www. myfitnesspal. com / tools / BMR-calculator

Take your BMR and multiply it by 1.15. . For example, my BMR 1431. 1431 x 1.15 = 1645. This is how many calories you should eat each day.

Is now the hard part. You must change the way you think. Many people starve themselves to lose weight, but this is the worst in the world to do. The body goes into a type of starvation mode when you do not eat, and instead of burning calories, your body stores fat.

Choose healthier snacks and eat several times a day. It has been proven that when you eat, your metabolism speed up. Let’s go back to how many calories you need each day. Divide the number of calories you need each day with 6.

1645/6 = 274
Eat 275 calories every three hours while awake. Your metabolism is kicked into High Yielding and overweight will be shed in no time!

Tips and Warnings

Drink lots of water
Exercise aerobically to also increase metabolism

Consult your physician before starting any weight loss treatment
Avoid high fat and high sugar foods
Try to drink less soda such as Coke

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