South Beach Phase 1 Diet

South Beach Phase 1 Diet

By | November 28, 2016

The South Beach Diet is a popular weight loss plan. The diet plan emphasizes the importance of eating the right combinations of foods for optimal weight loss. The diet has three phases, the first phase will be explored here

You need:


The first phase of the South Beach Diet is one. . elimination phase where you cut out all bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, fruit and sugar. This elimination is only temporary and is intended to jump-start the diet.
Time Frame

The first phase lasts two weeks. Although this first phase may be difficult, leaner encouraged to look forward to the second phase where some foods are allowed in their diet.
acceptable foods

The first phase alllows normal amounts of lean meat, chicken, turkey and fish. is Lots of vegetables also included, as are eggs, lean cheeses, nuts and green salads use only 100 percent olive oil dressing.
How much food

Three meals a day plus two snacks are allowed in this initial phase. Coffee and tea are unlimited, and drinking more water is recommended.
expected Loss

In the first phase, dieters report a loss of between 8 and 13 kg.
Calories and Portion Control
The first phase is flexible and does not include calorie counting or portion control.

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