How To Build Muscle Using Protein

How To Build Muscle Using Protein

By | November 29, 2016

Building muscle involves three components: a strength training program where you work especially muscle groups to failure, an adequate amount of rest, and an appropriate amount of protein, taken at regular intervals. This article provides some tips and guidelines for the latter

You need:.
Whey protein powder

. Casein protein powder (if not allergic to dairy products).
High protein foods.

(Optional) Protein bars or other high protein snacks.


First understand that to build muscle effectively, in addition to strength training program, your body needs a steady stream of protein. When you exercise, what literally happens is that you make microscopic tears in the muscles. The body uses protein to build muscle, and when it does, it builds them stronger. To build big muscles (ie adding lots), you need to take in more calories every day than you burn, including an adequate amount of protein quality. The extra mass does not just come from nowhere-it comes from the extra calories

There are various estimates of how much protein you should take in when you’re on one. . strength training. The two most common numbers are 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, and 3/4 of a gram (0.75) per kilogram of body weight. If you are participating in a thorough, guided bodybuilding program, you should probably go with 1 gram per kilogram. Discuss the matter with your doctor and / or personal trainer, since everyone is different.

Protein has 4 calories per gram. Assuming you is 160 kg, and want to take in one gram of protein per pound, which is 160g protein, or 640 calories. Assuming you are on a plan of 2,400 calories per day, that would mean that approximately 27% of the calories will be from protein. It is significantly higher than what is recommended for the average sedentary person not bodybuilding. Discuss your personal situation with your doctor or trainer and follow his / her advice

It is important that you use your protein periodically ideal distance not more than 2. -3 Hours apart. This means that you should plan to eat about 6 small meals per day, with each one including some protein.

Start each day with a whey protein shake. Whey is an easily digestible, soluble protein. It is sold in exaggerated form. It’s a good way to break the evening fast. I use a Magic Bullet to mix me and I usually throw in a banana. Be creative and put in healthy ingredients that you like.

At some point today, another whey shake, or a high quality protein bar. If it’s on a work day, it immediately after your workout. Add a banana or some berries to fill in carbohydrates as well. You could also just have a well-balanced meal, including a protein source.

Ensure that all meals contain a little protein source. Chicken and tuna are good healthy sources of protein. Tofu is a good source for vegetarians. Of course there are many other options too, but these are the most common.

Just before you go to bed, have a casein shake, if you are not allergic to milk products. Casein is a milk protein which is sold in powdered form. It is a slow-release protein, meaning that it will provide a steady stream of protein while sleeping. The second best choice would be a whey protein shake.

If you follow this eating plan and combine it with a dedicated strength training program and sufficient rest after working each muscle group, you should see impressive muscle development within a few months.

Tips and Warnings

Use a high quality protein powder. It’s worth spending a little extra money to get a good brand. I use products from Optimum Nutrition, but there are many fine products available. Look for products that have an impressive ingredient list and avoid products that ingredient lists are filled with all sorts of chemicals.

Look for a high quality protein bar in a health food store, rather than one that is a tiny notch above a candy bar.
Avoid protein bar has no ingredient that end with “-Tol” such as lactitol or maltitol. These ingredients can really give intestinal discomfort if overused. Sacrifice a bit of taste for something more healthy and natural.
Consult your doctor for all health-related matters.

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