Natural Diuretic Food Remedies

Natural Diuretic Food Remedies

By | November 29, 2016

Diuretics increase the body’s production of urine, and as a result reduce the water retention and swelling. Diuretic medications are available, but some people prefer to get rid of excess water weight in a more natural way-by consuming foods with diuretic properties. For severe cases of water in the body and those related to a medical condition, consult your doctor before starting a diuretic diet

consuming foods with mild diuretic properties. This can be beneficial to people suffering from liver disease, heart failure and hypertension, as claimed health guru Dr. Andrew Weil. He advises, however, that the use of diuretic foods for weight loss may be only a temporary fix.

Vegetables that helps rid the body of excess water with asparagus, eggplant, celery and onion, watermelon is a mild diuretic fruit. Corn silk-the long, soft strands found on the tip of each ear of corn as it evolves in stock-can increase urine output when eaten.
Other foods that can reduce water retention include lettuce, cucumber, sprouts and tomatoes. Cabbage and artichokes may also have a slight diuretic effect on the body. Silica, found in oats, is a diuretic. So horseradish.

Eat parsley. A decorative garnish in restaurant dishes, giving it a diuretic effect when consumed in small amounts, and hawthorn herb has significant diuretic properties.

Mayo Clinic. com suggests that dandelion, ginger and juniper can act as mild diuretics, but it also encourages the use of herbs and other natural diuretics are not a substitute for taking the medicine your doctor prescribes if you suffer from water retention related to a medical disorder.

Know that some drinks have a diuretic effect on the body, such as coffee and caffeinated colas. Alcohol may also reduce water weight temporarily.
Green tea, cranberry juice and herbal tea offer some diuretic value, as well as a small amount of either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar added to a glass of water.

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