How To Use Spices To Boost Metabolism

How To Use Spices To Boost Metabolism

By | November 30, 2016

Food in all its glorious flavors and shapes are a double-edged sword for many. Indulging in good food uncontrollably causing weight gain while cutting back on good food leaves you cranky. But there is a method of cooking that increases the flavor and increases metabolism, which provides good food and the chance to kick start your metabolism and burn fat while you eat it

You need:.
Cayenne pepper

. Curry powder.
Spicy pepper flakes.

Spicy salts.
Ground chilis.

Capsaicin in any form.


Start by visiting your local market. There is an enormous pf spices that can kick start your metabolism. Nearly all include some form of heat, be it chili, curries or pepper. The theory is that it allows your metabolism to increase by generating energy production and burning fat. Many of these come in blends that are great to add to dishes without any changes.

Start using some of the hot sauces and spices in cooking site. Curries go well with strong flavored meats such as goat and pork. The mixer can be purchased ready-made usually include some kind of chilli and therefore capsaicin. Ground chili powder does not have to be super hot for you to benefit from an increased metabolism. A small pinch of dried chilli chipotle or Thai chilies will perk up the taste of the food as well as start up your metabolism. Spicy salts mixture heat and salt for a nice flavor boost to grilled meat. A pinch of cayenne to soups and sauces will bring some spice in your food while adding some flavor too.

Keep adding small amounts of spices to food. You will slowly build up a tolerance to warmer spices as a Jamaican jerk seasoning blend or habanero pepper. As your tolerance grows, metabolism. This small but adequate lift in your fat burning will help you keep the weight off.

Tips and Warnings

Many times, a small amount of curry or chili will not even be noticeable. This “hidden” heat will still play a role in increasing your metabolism.

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