How To Keep A Food Log

How To Keep A Food Log

By | December 2, 2016

Really think about what you want to achieve before you start keeping a food log. Once you’ve figured out why you want to track what you eat, write it down. Read on to learn how to keep a food log

Do not lose track of why you keep a log or you will give up. In order for a sign to be effective, you must continue it for a month and you need history to have a purpose. The data must be easy to track trends, so you can not just look at what you ate, but rather on what it does for you.

Start by creating columns with the following headings :. Food or drink-write everything down to mayonnaise and type of bread or the size of the cup. Quantity-write the estimate weight or measurement. Caloric Value-if you can not determine this from a label, go online and find out caloric value, there are plenty of sites available. Time-What was the time of day, make sure to write in the am or pm Where-fast car? Dinner on the table? Wherever you were writing it down. With whom-your sister, best friend, a large group or alone. You’ll find this category very interesting when you break down the information. For column, What I Wad do, write down activities like watching TV, driving in your car or work. This has a major impact on what you eat and when. How I Feel-This is a good place to do some self-reflection, and is probably the number one reason why you may fail at this task. No one wants to look too deeply at why they are sabotaging themselves and if it happens more than high points it is easy to become discouraged. Do not let yourself that option. Decide before you start, you will not let happen.

Do not forget to write down something. Do not change patterns. Be honest. You are the only one who gets hurt by avoiding your promise to yourself to do so. Be precise. Count how many chips before you eat them, not just write sauce, let how much and what kind.

When you complete your log, you can easily notice trends and begin to change behaviors that put you in the way of unhealthy. If the log is not enough motivation to change habits, take it to a trainer at your local gym and have a heart to heart with him. Get some advice and get out of this exercise healthier because of it. Mobile telephony

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