How To Quickly Test The Caffeine Content Of Coffee Or Tea

How To Quickly Test The Caffeine Content Of Coffee Or Tea

By | December 2, 2016

Are you sensitive to caffeine? A new product will now allow you to determine whether the drink you ordered is actually decaf

If you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, you probably make an extra effort to order decaf coffee when you go to Starbucks. Surprisingly, studies have shown that up to thirty percent of “decaffeinated” coffee bought from coffee bars contain significant levels of caffeine. Unfortunately, you probably will not realize it until you’re finished with your cup of coffee and experience the cardinal signs of caffeine intake.

For some people consuming caffeinated coffee with its significant levels of caffeine can be more than just an inconvenience, it can be dangerous. This particularly applies to people who have heart disease or high blood pressure. What if there was a way you can quickly and easily measure caffeine levels in beverages you drink on a daily basis to make sure that you drink decaf? Surprisingly, thanks to the development of a new product, you can.

Quick testing of caffeine levels in beverages can now be done while on the go using convenient caffeine test strips. These strips are called D + Caf Test Strips and they use technology similar to that used in home pregnancy tests to tell you how much caffeine is in the drink you are preparing to drink. To use these strips to measure caffeine levels in beverages, it is only the strip dipped into the drink before you add milk and sugar. The caffeine test strips will indicate the presence of caffeine in less than one minute, often within thirty seconds. This can certainly reduce fears of ordering decaf if you are sensitive to caffeine. No more worries about the barista may have given you caffeinated coffee in error. D + Caf Test Strips can also be used to detect the presence of caffeine in tea that is advertised as decaffeinated before drinking them.

D + Caf Test Strips sold in packs of twenty and although they are not yet widely available in drugstores, they can be ordered online at the discover testing. com. Measurement caffeine levels in drinks will cost you around fifty cents per drink. It certainly sounds easy to carry these strips in your pocket or purse when you visit your local coffee shop, especially if you have been advised to avoid caffeine for health reasons. They can allow you to breathe a little easier and enjoy the experience of sipping decaf cappuccino without worrying about the possible health consequences. They could also be used by caffeine junkie who are concerned that their drinking may not have the caffeine they pay for. It’s a great way to be sure you get exactly what you ordered when you visit Starbucks store.

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