How To Use Calcium Supplements

How To Use Calcium Supplements

By | December 2, 2016

When people think of calcium supplements, they usually think of using them to maintain bone mass and fight osteoporosis, and to promote overall bone health, healthy hair and nails and strong teeth. Calcium also helps you maintain strong muscles and promotes a healthy nervous system. However, calcium benefits go far beyond just maintaining strong bones. Read on to learn more reasons to eat foods rich in calcium and / or using calcium supplements

You need:
An interest in various forms of exploitation of calcium supplements and various types of calcium supplements, from Tums (calcium carbonate) to Coral Calcium.



Calcium health benefits go far beyond helping you maintain healthy bones. For example, dietary calcium as Tums (calcium carbonate) is clinically proven to help women cope with PMS symptoms PMS mood swings, PMS cramps, PMS depression and other disturbing PMS symptoms.

Consuming calcium supplements and / or low fat and no fat foods rich in calcium have also been shown to help with weight loss and / or weight control. (Some calcium-rich foods include low fat milk, low fat yogurt, lean cheese, calcium-fortified orange juice, figs, black strap molasses, sesame seeds, cooked broccoli, green vegetables and sardines.)

People who consume enough calcium (either in food or by taking calcium supplements or using a combination of both) are less likely to have hypertension than those who do not consume sufficient amounts of calcium.

Calcium also appears to play a role in fighting colon cancer and the development of polyps in the colon. Scientists do not fully understand the importance of calcium in colon cancer prevention, but there is evidence for a link that scientists will continue to explore further.

Tips and Warnings

In addition to the most basic form of calcium supplements such as Tums (calcium carbonate), there are several other types of calcium supplements on the market, including coral calcium supplements, you might want to investigate.

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