Using Diurex Pills

Using Diurex Pills

By | December 2, 2016

Diurex is an over-the-counter medications that can be used to expel excess water from the body. Marketed as “fast and efficient” Diurex claims to relieve bloating and swelling of excess water retainment in the body. The pills consist mostly of potassium salicylate, magnesium and calcium, the blue color used to color pills can turn urine blue. Using Diurex is pretty straightforward. Remember that you should never take more than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage

You need:.


Using Diurex Pills

Swallow a pill with water after breakfast.


Swallow a pill with water after lunch.

Swallow a pill with water after dinner.

Swallow one pill with water before bed.

abstain use by relief obtained. If you still feel bloated from excess water for 10 consecutive days, consult a medical professional.

Tips and Warnings

This is not a doctor. This article follows the prescribed dose on the manufacturer’s packaging.

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