What Causes Trapped Nerves

What Causes Trapped Nerves

By | December 2, 2016

trapped nerves happen when there is an abnormal pressure placed on a nerve. injuries or conditions that cause inflammation or swelling of the surrounding tissue can create an additional force on the nerve. consequently occurs a decrease in blood flow. this may lead to nerve irritation and trigger emotions that are not typical. even a repeated or prolonged pressing on a nerve may compress or trap it.

nerve irritation could be initiated by the person staying in one position for a long time or repetitive movements. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example where the median nerve in the wrist becomes irritated and hug. this can be from keeping the hand and wrist in a bad position for long periods of too much pressure on the nerve. it can also be caused by consistent recurring hand and wrist movements, so the area around the nerve to swell.
when the nerve becomes constricted, slows the flow of blood. This slight movement of the blood do nerves extremely sensitive to even small amounts of change in pressure. diabetes restricts blood flow to the nerves, which can cause nerve entrapment symptoms.
Some health conditions causing inflammation that can lead to trapped nerves. arthritis and lupus may produce chronic swelling problems. long-term pressure on nerves can trigger unremitting symptoms and eventually cause nerve damage. persistent effect on the nerve can also cause weakness in the muscles around it. protracted or recurrent trapped nerves can also cause the muscle to waste away. This is a condition known as atrophy.

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