Edamame Nutritional Information

Edamame Nutritional Information

By | December 4, 2016

Edamame, often found in Asian dishes, can be easy to make at home. Edamame found in your local grocery store, making it easy to have a snack or side dish for a healthier lifestyle

What is edamame?
Edamame are soybeans, which are often in pod theirs. Usually edamame boiled and salted. To eat, you just push the beans out of the pod and enjoy.

edamame is a low-fat foods. A half-cup serving of edamame is 100 calories but only 25 of those calories coming from fat. Most of the fat in edamame is unsaturated (which is considered a healthy fat).

edamame has 9g carbohydrates in each half-cup serving. By edamame, this is good for you, considering that 4g carbohydrates are dietary fiber.

Edamame is a great source of protein. A half-cup serving has 8g protein.

edamame can be relatively high in sodium when prepared. A half-cup serving, prepared, comprising approximately 11 percent of your daily sodium intake.

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