Healthy Vegetable Snacks For Kids

Healthy Vegetable Snacks For Kids

By | December 4, 2016

Getting kids to eat their vegetables can be a challenge for many parents. Serving vegetables in a new way can make them more appealing to children. Include children make healthy vegetable snacks, their participation may encourage them to eat more vegetables

You need:
a prescription from your GP

. Internet access.
a paper prescription.

vegetables Hummus

Cold Vegetable Pizza
Use refrigerated crescent rolls as the crust for a cold vegetable pizza. Press the dough together into one large pizza, or flat out certain crescent rolls into various forms. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes. Spread vegetable dip of your choice over the crust. Let your child top pizza with sliced ??vegetables, olives and cheese. Have fun making faces or flowers with vegetables. Chill pizza for an hour before serving.

vegetable Sculptures
Encourage your children to play with your food by building vegetable sculptures. Cut up a variety of vegetables. Give your child peanut butter, cream cheese or hummus as “glue” to hold the vegetables together. Challenge them to create people or buildings. After the fun is over, disassemble sculptures and eat vegetables.

Vegetable Roll Ups
Use tortillas to make vegetable filled roll ups. Spread hummus or cream cheese seasoned with dill on a tortilla. Arrange sliced ??vegetables whole tortilla. Start on one side and roll up tortilla. La tortilla whole or cut into bite-sized pieces.

To simply add more vegetables to your child’s diet, add grated or pureed vegetables to your favorite muffin batter. Shredded carrots and squash mix well with many muffin recipes, so making boiled and mashed squash or pumpkin.

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