How To Follow A Diet Without Driving Yourself Crazy

How To Follow A Diet Without Driving Yourself Crazy

By | December 4, 2016

You have committed to a diet. Aside from eating healthy, you have another challenge: not to nuts with your diet plan. This will help you diet successfully without going crazy

Put yourself in the mindset that you want to eat healthy food, but you’re not locked into anything. If you constantly think about dieting, you’re going to fail, because you’ll drive yourself crazy, and you might fail on your diet because everyone thinks of dieting can make you want to eat more.

Allow yourself breaks. If everyone in a party wants to order pizza, like to have a bite. But keep it limited. Eat five slices of pizza is obviously less healthy than eating a slice.

Do not be afraid to ask for alternatives. If everyone in a party wants to order a pizza, do not be ashamed to ask if you can throw in a few extra dollars for a green salad for yourself. Pizza and salad is healthier than pizza. . . and more pizza. . . and more pizza. Plus, it is just as filling.

If friends or family want to go to a restaurant for dinner, suggest one that you know is delicious, healthy choices. This way you’ll be glad choose salad bar option and will not feel cheated by not getting a fattening meal.

Do not deprive yourself. Allow yourself a bit of dessert, or a very small dessert, if necessary. A Hershey’s Kiss will not be terrible for your diet-but to eat the whole bag is

Choose low-fat options. . . Having fat free milk and low-fat cheese instead of full fat versions. Choose low calorie, bread whole grain instead of large, calorie-filled rolls.

Keep portion sizes limited. You can eat a small amount of a side dish that is not super healthy, but be sure to have a healthy main dish to go with it.

Exercise as part of your weight loss plan. You’ll get a little more freedom when it comes to eating if you are constantly burning calories. Exercise not even have to be difficult. A nice walk with a friend is a great way to burn calories.

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