Using Omron Body Fat Analyzer

Using Omron Body Fat Analyzer

By | December 4, 2016

The Omron Body Fat Analyzer is a handheld, portable devices using bioelectrical impedance to determine body fat percentage based on Body Mass Index value. The percentage is the amount of fat present in relation to lean body mass

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Omron Body Fat Analyzer

Turn the Omron Body Fat Analyzer on by pressing the “on” button. The accuracy of this machine depends on consistent use and entry of accurate data. While there is a guest setting for optimal results, up to nine people could set up a social security number which will store information every time the machine is used.

Select the number of 1-9 that will keep the user’s information. Decide whether or not to use the athletic mode or normal mode (based on FIT index). Calculate FIT index of the person attempting to measure body fat. The FIT index is simple, multiplying the frequency x intensity x time for training during the week. If the number is greater than 60, select athletic mode. If is less than 60 select normal mode. There is a chart in the manual to determine the values ??of various activities both intensity and time.

Enter personal data. Set height, weight, age and gender. Each one will appear, scroll up or down to the correct value is on screen and press “Set.” The next category will appear before all personal data is entered.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and grasp the handles. Wrap your palms around the electrode pads (metal pads) with the thumb pointing vertically. Keep Omron Body Fat Analyzer straight out in front, with your arms parallel to the ground. Hold steady and press “Start.” The unit will send a small electrical current through your body to determine your body fat percentage and BMI. The values ??will appear on the screen.

Interpret values ??based on information in the manual.

Tips and Warnings

If the manual is not available, BMI information is common and internationally recognized. A simple Internet search will provide the same information printed in the manual, in reference to the determined areas with regard to body fat versus BMI. With regard to FIT index if the manual is not available, you probably have a general idea of ??whether you lead an athletic life versus a normal life. The difference is not essential, but it gives a small percentage more accuracy.

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