Eating Healthy Before And During Pregnancy

Eating Healthy Before And During Pregnancy

By | December 5, 2016

Making the decision to have a baby is a big step. Not only will you make affects your body, it will also affect how you nourish your child to wear for the next nine months. If you know when you want a child, start making the dietary changes early, so you have a good head start before you actually get pregnant. If pregnancy is planned, make the necessary changes as soon as possible so that both mother and child remain healthy

You need:.
Organic vegetablesOrganic fruits.

Preparing for pregnancy may call for some changes in lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and diet. For two or three months before pregnancy and duration of the pregnancy, you will want to avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Caffeine is found in many foods and beverages on the market today, so read labels should become a habit. There are also studies out there that show the damage that can be done if pregnant women do drugs or drink alcohol during pregnancy. Try to avoid medications, if possible. If they are prescribed by a doctor, do as he advises. Many times, the dose can be changed or type of medication changed to suit the needs of mother and child.

Add extra protein in your diet. The recommended amount is necessary during pregnancy starts between 60 and 80 grams, increases by 10 grams of each trimester. Avoid red meat and foods that have additives and preservatives. Eggs are a good source of protein, as well as fish, shellfish, soy products and chicken.

Ha OB / GYN prescribe a good vitamin / mineral supplements. There are several pre-natal vitamins on the market today that have adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients, including folic acid, which is essential for building a strong neurological system of the newborn. Be careful with any herbal supplements you can take. Check with your doctor and see if there are any contraindications.

Drink lots of fluids. Water is very important. Fruits and vegetables are also beneficial because of their high level of nutrients. Be careful with fruit juice for yourself and see for quantities of sugar and sweeteners they contain. You want your main source of calories to come from nutrient rich foods, no sugar. Invest in a juicer. Natural fruits and vegetables usually do not need sweeteners and additives to taste good.

Avoid all artificial sweeteners. NutraSweet, Splenda and saccharin called artificial for a reason. If you choose to sweeten something, sugar, stevia or honey. If you use them sparingly, you will not get as much weight as you think, and you will not develop cycle that causes you to feel hungry sooner.

eat small frequent meals instead of larger meals. This will help keep your appetite in check. Fresh fruit snacks are fabulous here. Your mid afternoon may be larger than the rest, simply because you need the extra energy to finish out the rest of the day. Fresher food will digest quickly and can cause you to get hungry sooner. If you eat healthy, your body will be able to assimilate the nutrients it needs. Walking and light exercise will burn off some calories again, while toning the body for exercising it will come at the end of pregnancy.

Tips and Warnings

* Plan ahead. * If changes are necessary, make them gradually. * Talk to your doctor often.
See your doctor immediately if you have questions or concerns about pregnancy.

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