1250 Calorie Diet

1250 Calorie Diet

By | December 6, 2016

Limiting calories is an effective strategy diet, and studies have shown that restricting calories can also help you live longer. Capping your intake of 1250 means that you must make every calorie count You

calorie Distribution
Most of our daily calories come in the form of fat, carbohydrates and protein. Each of these nutrients is an important element in the proper functioning of the body and mind. While 1250 calories a day will help you lose weight, the appropriate distribution of calories consumed key to stay healthy too. Aim for the following distribution:

Fewer than 375 calories (30%) of fat
625-750 calories (50-60%) of carbohydrates

125-250 calories (10-20%) of protein.
This relationship will ensure that you get enough energy to correct the mind and body to function optimally.

Foods to enjoy Freedom
The key to a 1250 calorie diet is to avoid hunger. Raw vegetables are the best foods to help fill you up without decimating your allotted calories for the day. Keep cut vegetables such as carrot sticks, snap peas, radishes and cucumber slices handy so when you are looking for a snack they are ready to eat. These vegetables have less than twenty calories per cup, providing enough flavor to forgo dressing. If dressing is a must for you, you can enjoy a low calorie version of your favorite and watch your serving size carefully. Fruits such as apples, blueberries, grapes, kiwi and bananas are great for staving off hunger, as well as to satisfy sugar cravings. These fruits contain up to 100 calories per serving, so be a little more sensible with your spending than with vegetables.

Foods to consume with Caution
Many foods consumed for simplicity has more calories than you may realize. Read the label of processed or ready-to-eat food very carefully before you buy it. Note how many servings are in a package. The calorie count might look good, but if you are under the impression that a three-serving package contains one serving, you will consume three times more calories than you think. Also be aware of where those calories come from. Remember calorie distribution goal and consider what other foods you have eaten or will eat all day. It is often easier and more reliable to finish creating your own salad or stir-fry at home. In addition to calories hidden in several portions, be aware of calories in fat-free foods. Many fat-free foods, especially desserts, have more sugar to add flavor. Sugar is fat free but calories add up quickly. A fat-free foods may actually end up with more calories than full-fat counterpart.

Foods to Avoid
In a 1250 calorie diet, there is simply no room for any foods. The majority of fast food is out of the question. A simple burger and fries can easily contain more than allotted calories for the day. Add a grid or a large soda and can be done for two days. Alcohol is another castaway 1250 calorie diet. Alcohol offers no nutritional benefits, and can contain hundreds of calories. When every calorie has to count, must alcohol be avoided. Also avoid foods that contain lots of sugar. As alcohol, sugar has little to offer nutritionally but quickly ups the calorie count in food. Focus on other more effective carbohydrates like beans, vegetables and whole grains

Sample Plan one 1250 Calorie Day
Breakfast:. One warmed croissant with two teaspoons jam (250 calories)

Lunch: Two grams of lean roast beef with a small baked potato, lettuce salad and two tablespoons of fat-free dressing (350 calories)
Dinner: Slice 1/2 green pepper and 1/2 red pepper. Place on a piece of foil with a raw salmon steak. Add some lemon juice and black pepper, fold the foil and bake until the fish is cooked. Serve with 4 boiled potatoes, boiled in skins, and vegetables. (400 calories)

Snack: A small banana and a small apple (150 calories)
Drinking a cup of skim milk (100 calories)

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