Directions Hydroxycut Challenge

Directions Hydroxycut Challenge

By | December 6, 2016

The Hydroxycut Hardbody Challenge of GNC was a competition for women that challenged customers to lose as much as weight as possible and gain muscle using Hydroxycut Max along with diet and exercise. It began in January 2009 and ended in June 2009. Hydroxycut works by reducing appetite while increasing your energy to speed weight loss results, in combination with a diet and exercise plan. It also speeds the process of burning calories, maximize results. As the competition aspect of the challenge is over, this article focuses on the challenge for personal use and not the rules of competition.

Take a picture before documenting how you look before you start the challenge. . . You should choose revealing attire, such as a bathing suit.

Buy Hydroxycut Max. You might find it at a local pharmacy or you can order it online.

Design a calorie-reduced diet that you will be able to follow in a longer period of time. The diet should be low in fat and low in sugar, with an emphasis on vegetables and foods with a low glycemic index. Your diet should include drinking 10:12 ounce glasses of water per day. Your diet should contain no snacking after dinner. Hydroxycut pills will reduce the appetite to help you stick with your plan.

Design a training program. The program should be at least thirty minutes (preferably an hour) a day, five days per week. The program should include a cardio. component, Hydroxycut Max burns fat more efficiently when you sweat. You will also want to tone your body, focusing on core training and light strength training. Your body will get used to exercise, so it’s best to turn up your routine from day to day or week to week to ensure maximum results.

Take Hydroxycut Max pills and begin dieting with exercise. In week one, take one capsule three times daily. During week two, take two capsules three times daily. In weeks three and beyond, take three pills three times daily. Continue this plan for at least four weeks.

Take an after picture. Once you have completed the challenge, take a picture in the same setting as you did with the prior image. Compare the two images to see how your body has changed.

Tips and Warnings

Hydroxycut Max no longer comes in its original formula, but is now Hydroxycut Max Advanced.
Many of Hydroxycut products have been recalled for not knowing and causes damage to the body such as liver damage. It is best to research your diet plan before you start to avoid health risks.

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