Long-term Food Storage Tips

Long-term Food Storage Tips

By | December 6, 2016

There are some very good reasons for preparing a food supply that can be stored for long periods. Many choose to do so in preparation for a natural or economic disaster. Whatever the motivation, there are some things that a person can do to ensure his food supply is safe and long-lasting

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An ideal place to store food is a dry, cool and dark area. Light, humidity and heat will all harm or at least shorten the life of your food supply. Cellars has been effectively used for storing food for hundreds or even thousands of years, and still work very well today. In the absence of cellar, use a closet or pantry where you can approximate the above ideal conditions.
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Stick to using new plastic containers intended for food storage. They should not let in any light and should have a lid that seals the container airtight. Pick containers that have sizes and shapes that can easily stack, so you can fully utilize whatever space you have available. Every time you open a container of food and exposing it to air, it can reduce the shelf life, so it is best to store items in a few smaller containers instead of one large. Label containers managed to avoid having to open them to find out what is inside.
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Add some dried bay leaves to food containers discourage bugs from taking over the food. You can also stop pests from destroying the offer by freezing the food at below zero degrees for a few days before storage. Keep food supply updated using some products that are nearing the end of its durability and replace them with fresh stock.

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