Using Tribex

Using Tribex

By | December 6, 2016

Tribex is a type of bodybuilding supplement offered through supplements company Biotest. The ingredients of the product is intended to increase a person’s testosterone levels naturally to increase muscle mass. Further claims by manufacturers include an increased sex drive and metabolism boost. Before using Tribex, talk to your doctor about the safety of supplements


Buy Tribex from a dietary dealer. Before you can use Tribex, you need to buy the product. Start with a 50 tablet offerings that will include 25 doses of Tribex. You can find it online through companies like A1 Supplements.

Plan to take your first dose of Tribex morning a couple of hours before eating. Consume two pills with a full glass of water. Eat a normal meal one to two hours later.

Wait six to eight hours after your first dose of Tribex and then repeat dose of the morning. You should take this dose on an empty stomach as well. Eat a normal evening meal one to two hours later.

Follow the recommended cycle for Tribex. Manufacturers of Tribex recommend that you do not take supplements continuously. Every week you can take supplements for five days and then two days off. For example, you plan to use Tribex Monday to Friday and then stop using on Saturday and Sunday.

Continue to use Tribex at least four weeks. Biotest says it may take up to a month to see the effect of Tribex.

Tips and Warnings

Avoid Tribex if you are female, under 18 years old or suffer from a chronic health condition. You should also avoid taking Tribex right before going to bed.

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