How To Stop Making Excuses And Lose Weight

How To Stop Making Excuses And Lose Weight

By | December 7, 2016

Need more sleep? Too much work to do? No quality time with the ones you want to spend time with? You want to live without “rules”? This is true for most of us, that is why we can no longer use it as an excuse

You need:.
Pen, paper, sneakers, one Routine

At a recent birthday party for a 4 year old, I was including moms complaining of the extra pounds that had not come out since our newest addition to our family. One parent, who has a newborn and a 3 year old self, which I’ve always liked, replied, “I wake up at 4:30 am and run 6 miles. What’s your excuse?” I had no answer. What was my excuse. The above was getting me nowhere who all seem to suffer from the same problems.

Early Monday morning I put my alarm and left the house for a tour. I was not too worried about effort, only proud to be up and moving. I proceeded to get up and eventually turned up my routine, so I got more out of your workouts. In addition, I just tried to keep track of what I ate and how much. (Weight Watcher Style)

But I think one of the best things that has helped to maintain this behavior and my steady weight loss have been sharing my goals with others. The more friends and family who know, the more I have to hold me accountable for my actions. As for man, he just has to suck it up and take on extra help with the kids when I make myself a priority. It feels good.

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