How To Use A Raw Food Diet For Natural Weight Loss

How To Use A Raw Food Diet For Natural Weight Loss

By | December 7, 2016

A raw food diet provides a catalyst for natural weight loss. What are raw foods? Raw foods, also called living foods, are foods that are not cooked above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. For those who follow a raw food diet, this means that food continues to support health through their life-giving enzymes, catalysts for metabolic reactions. A raw food diet is based on fresh, raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and oils. It is naturally low in calories and high in fiber and nutrition, a recipe for natural weight loss success. . Here’s how you can use a raw food diet to embark on a natural weight loss program

You need:.
Books, electronic books or websites on raw foods

Fresh fruits of your choice.
Fresh vegetables, but especially green vegetables.

Healthy oils, such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil.

Switching to a raw food diet should be done slowly. You do not want to upset your digestion if you have eaten nothing but junk food. Sudden change to a raw food diet can make you sick. Ease into it by adding a raw fruit or vegetables per day for a week.

Natalia Rose, a raw food author, recommends that after an adjustment period when you switch to a raw food diet, that you eat “raw for dinner.” This means changing the breakfast to embrace raw foods, as well as lunch. Dinner can be cooked food.

To lose weight, choose raw fruit for breakfast. Eat several pieces of fruit, so you feel full. You can cut them up into an attractive fruit salad, or use a healthy raw nut butter (used sparingly to save calories) scattered on items such as apple or pear slices.

Lunch choices on a raw food diet that will help you lose weight is raw salads -. large green salads filled with delicious crispy vegetables. Use a salad dressing made with olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt for flavor. Go easy on the salt.

Green smoothies are delicious, filling and great for natural weight loss. Green smoothies are mixed drinks made with a base of green leafy vegetables, such as romaine lettuce, fresh or frozen unsweetened fruit, and water. Place one or two large handfuls of greens into the blender. Cover with water. Add one cup of fresh or frozen fruit. Use Stevia or cinnamon to sweeten. Blend on smoothie setting, adding water if it is too thick. The resulting drink is packed with healthy fiber that will make you feel full, as well as vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Drink in the afternoon as a snack

If you eat a raw food diet for natural weight loss, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugar -. . All three are triple whammy of weight gain and add unnecessary calories. Drink plenty of water, and enjoy green smoothies when you feel hungry

Tips and Warnings

Look for raw food recipes with five or fewer ingredients -. They are easier to make.
Transition gradually into a raw food diet so it is easy on the stomach.

Drink green smoothies when you feel hungry.
Never eat raw meat! Although raw fish such as sushi, should only be prepared by a trained chef.
eating too much raw food too suddenly can give you a stomach ache. Take it easy!

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