How To Win Battle Of The Bulge

How To Win Battle Of The Bulge

By | December 7, 2016

Mastering your weight goes beyond dieting. It is a mind-body approach that requires tuning to your mental, physical and emotional connections to food.

Let’s explore five steps to win the battle for the bulge for good
You need:.

. metabolic testing.

support network


Self Exploration :. . Is your guns drawn? This step is critical as it explores your preparedness, your commitment and benefits you will gain from weight loss. Find WHY. Write it down. Share it with a friend. own it

Crafting Success :. . Can you visualize the new you? Visualization is a powerful technique for lasting lifestyle change. Take a creative step for crafting your own personal scrapbook or storyboard that you set goals for where you want to be

Eating to lose :. . A calorie is a calorie. Not! Eating involves more than counting calories or points. Unless you match your diet to your unique metabolism, you’re wasting time and money. Following a diet based on your unique metabolism is the foundation for lasting health and weight control

Body Confidence :. . What is your ideal size? Distorted body image issues can affect dietary choices. Explore the food and body connections and ways to move your body for health and longevity. Drastic diets to lose weight not nourish your body, they only cause more damage to your metabolism
Potatoes or Prozac. . : What are you eating? Emotional issues with food often plague dieters. Find healthy alternatives to explore your feelings. Setting personal boundaries and practice self-care.

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