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osteomalacia, also known as rickets in children, is a general term for softening of bone. It is caused by a deficiency in the bone-building process. a lack of vitamin D, either through lack of sun exposure prompting the production of vitamin D, through an inadequate intake of dietary vitamin D, or through a disorder that… Read More »

Treat Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

there are many different ways to treat acid reflux during pregnancy. they range from natural therapies, such as simply avoiding certain foods that trigger reflux, such as caffeine, carbonated drinks and licorice, to medical treatments. Doctors sometimes prescribe such medications as antacid agents and H2 blockers to ease acid reflux during pregnancy effectively treat acid… Read More »


cholecystitis is an inflammation of the gallbladder, an organ that is responsible for concentrating bile used in digestion. people with cholecystitis experiencing pain in their upper right abdomen, and they can also develop symptoms such as nausea. treatment for this condition varies depending on the cause, but most classic gallbladder is removed from the patient.… Read More »