How To Lose Weight Without Giving Up The Foods You Love

How To Lose Weight Without Giving Up The Foods You Love

By | December 8, 2016

All of us want to lose weight, but none of us want to give up the foods we love. I love french fries and fried mozzarella as everyone else, but there are simple steps you can take to start losing weight today

Realize that it took you a while to put on weight and it will take you some time to throw it. Half a kilo a week is usually what doctors say is healthy.

You may lose a little more in the first week, and then decrease in weight loss, this is fine, it’s simply because you change habits that first week.

Cut back on caffeine or sugary drinks. Most people do not realize that these add 4.8 kg. a year al1

Start count every bite you take. Not only does it help you to become aware of how much you eat, it also helps you take longer to eat. When you take longer to eat, you will give your stomach time to realize it is full.

When you feel full stop eating. Do not stuff yourself. It’s not healthy, and usually you end up feeling sick anyway.

Start walking. Any kind of exercise is good for your body. Even if you park a little further back in the parking lot and walk the few extra steps there is still a start. Make a goal of how many steps you take each day and try to reach it.

Check how much you eat. Cut down portions being 1/4. If you eat less, you will lose some of the excess weight.

Tips and Warnings

Do not binge and purge, or avoiding food altogether, that is very unhealthy.
I’m not a doctor, this is only the advice of the ways I’ve lost weight.

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