Lose Five Pounds In Just A Week After Kate Johns

Lose Five Pounds In Just A Week After Kate Johns

By | December 8, 2016

Getting ready for the big reunion? Maybe you are going to a wedding, or to see an old flame. You want to look and feel your best. That means it’s time to drop a few pounds — very fast. These simple and easy ways to lose weight will have you slimmer and more attractive in just a few days. Here is how you can lose Five pounds in just seven days

You need:.

. Water.

No fattening foods.

No junk food in the house !.


Did you know that it is very easy to lose five pounds in just seven days? Men lost five pounds is super easy. For women it is a little harder. But traditionally lose weight faster than women. Sad to say, but women have more fat in the body. Women do, because we need fat for what else — having babies, and then to make milk out of the stored fat. But traditionally, bear children, so they do not need extra fat.

I must warn you, you lose more than half a kilo or two a week is not the best thing to do for your body. You should not do this many times. What I will tell you, is for emergencies only. Incidentally, most of the weight you will lose water weight anyways. The first ten pounds of a woman, in particular, is water weight.

For a whole week to eat very differently than usual. I do not ever recommend taking laxatives. After taking laxatives over a long time, the body will become dependent on them. Then you will need them to go. For a week drink plenty of water. Drinking water with a real lemon squeezed into will act as a diuretic. You will be going to the bathroom a lot. This will flush the body of excess water. You can drink tea with caffeine, but not overdue it — so you do not become dehydrated.

Eat a healthy breakfast of cereal and fruit such as a banana, an apple or an orange. For the rest of the day drink plenty of lemon water. If prefer, drink hot tea, to keep freezing all day from the cold water. Although drinking cooler water will cause you to lose more weight. This is due to the body work harder to stay warm — you will be working more calories.

You should not snack during the day. Unless you are seriously hungry, you can just eat a little bit of fruit. Lunch every day this week, should salad. A low-calorie dressing should be included, with spinach and tomato slices for health content. Drink water, during lunch and if you want, no caloric intake beverages like iced tea or soda, for something with a little taste of it.

Dinner should be foods that are low calorie as shrimp, or super low calorie chicken. Try to stay away rolls and bread all week — bread adds calories. Steer clear of butter, creamy sauces and anything fried. Eat foods that are steamed and baked. Remember all your suffering will only be for a week. Your goal is to lose five pounds as safely as possible — for a week.

Tips and Warnings

Steer clear of fad diets and expensive meal program diets.

Drinking water will keep your stomach full.
Try to add flavor to water with lime or lemon.

Avoid snacking throughout the week.
If you need to snack, do not eat sugar cereal, or celery.

only do this for a week, you do not have to starve yourself to look great!
Avoid colonics and laxatives. Your body takes care of itself naturally.
Remember five pounds is a lot to lose in one week. Consider giving yourself two or three weeks.

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