By | December 8, 2016

osteomalacia, also known as rickets in children, is a general term for softening of bone. It is caused by a deficiency in the bone-building process. a lack of vitamin D, either through lack of sun exposure prompting the production of vitamin D, through an inadequate intake of dietary vitamin D, or through a disorder that interferes with the absorption of vitamin D in the digestive tract can osteomalacia cause bones to bend or breakage.

Treatment of osteomalacia include replenish vitamin D through sunlight and / or dietary changes. Vitamin D supplements are also common. Supplements can be taken orally, or if deficiency is severe enough, via injection.
prevention, but may be the best treatment option. by allowing a few minutes of sun time one day and increase vitamin D in the diet through things like fish, bread, milk and yogurt, can significantly reduced the risks of osteomalacia. If unsure about the diet of choice provides enough vitamin D, you over-the-counter supplements may be useful. Regular exercise, especially weight-bearing exercises such as walking, can help strengthen bones.
Most diagnosed with osteomalacia, with proper treatment, see improvement within a few weeks, but full recovery can take anywhere up to six months. Prevention, the best treatment option, however, is an ongoing venture. body needs a steady source of vitamins, including vitamin D, and prolonged lapses in their presence will result in an increase in the risk for another battle with osteomalacia.

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