Diets To Lower Severely High Cholesterol

Diets To Lower Severely High Cholesterol

By | December 9, 2016

Strong high cholesterol can be dangerous if it is not quickly changed. It can lead to heart failure which can ultimately lead to death. But can high cholesterol reversed and the majority of it starts with your diet. A healthy diet is designed to reduce high cholesterol is not only healthy, it can save your life

You need:.


Fruits and vegetables
Eat plenty of these. Eat them often and at every meal. But do not add extra sugar or dipping sauce. These additions will void health attributes in fruits and vegetables have, and will not help you in your quest to reduce high cholesterol.

No Saturated Fats
Saturated fats are loaded with ingredients that will send the cholesterol rising. It is best to avoid all foods that contain saturated fats. Products are required to state how much saturated fat is in a serving, so check the back of the container for nutrition facts.

Switch to Whole Wheat
Change all starch products, whole wheat products. This means no more white pasta, rice or bread. They have added ingredients that can raise cholesterol. Whole wheat has not been heavily processed and has a large amount of fiber. These fibers will fill you up faster so you will eat less too.

Narrow Protein
Foods heavy in protein can increase cholesterol. Avoid meat and pork. Lean cuts of chicken and turkey is OK if you eat them in limited quantities. Fish may be the best protein-based food you can have, because it is extremely slim and have a low cholesterol count.

Switch from milk-based products to soy. Soy has no cholesterol regular milk, but has all the vitamins. Soy also will last longer in the fridge, so if you have problems ended liters of milk, purchasing soy can save you money in the long run.

No Salt
Avoid any product that is heavily salted. Salt is poor in terms of cholesterol. Your food may not taste as good without salt, but remove the spice can help save your life.

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