How To Get Started On The South Beach Diet

How To Get Started On The South Beach Diet

By | December 9, 2016

The South Beach Diet is known to be a very effective weight loss solution, when the diet is followed accordingly. Anyone interested in trying out this diet may be a little confused at first. There are three phases of this diet to be followed. The first phase is the one that people tend to find the most challenging to follow, which may be because they do not understand it. Here are some useful tips

Read “South Beach Diet” book. This sounds like common sense, but there are many people trying to get started on the South Beach Diet without actually reading the book. To fully understand the way that this diet works, it a good idea to read the book first.

Familiarize yourself with the glycemic index. It has gained much recognition in the past, so there is a lot of websites on the Internet that can introduce you to making it work. The reason that the glycemic index is important because it is the foundation of the South Beach Diet.

Knowing which foods must be removed during the first phase of the South Beach Diet. Alcohol, fruit, grains and starches are banned from your diet in the first phase of the diet. To stick to the South Beach Diet, you must avoid all these foods.

Understand what meat can be consumed during the first phase of the South Beach Diet. Ground sirloin or ground beef with less than 10 percent fat is acceptable. Chicken and turkey white meat are also both acceptable forms of meat. Fish and seafood are also safe to eat in the first phase of the diet. Remember that anything fried or breaded should be avoided in the first phase of the South Beach Diet.

Choose from the list of vegetables that are acceptable in the first phase of the South Beach Diet. Only vegetables that are low in carbohydrates are allowed. Some of your choices include celery, radishes, mushrooms, lettuce, beans, lentils, spinach, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, asparagus, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower.

Know what kind of milk products are allowed in the first phase of the South Beach Diet. Fat-free, low-fat or 1 percent are the only types of dairy products that you should be consuming when you start the diet. Cheese can be eaten when it is low-fat, but avoid brie, camembert, cream cheese and mascarpone. Remember that yogurt can not contain fruit during the first phase of the diet.

Drink water as much as possible in the first phase of the diet. It is important to avoid anything that has been sweetened with sugar. Fruit juices, except V8, should be avoided. Tomato juice and milk can be enjoyed occasionally. No more than three cups of coffee should be consumed in a day.

Tips and Warnings

Remember that certain diets work for some people. The South Beach Diet may not be the right choice for you.
Be sure to avoid vegetables that are canned with high levels or sodium, or beans with lard. Check with your doctor before going on the South Beach Diet.

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