4-day Detox Plan

4-day Detox Plan

By | December 10, 2016

A detox plan is designed to rid the body of impurities and toxins that can make you tired all day. A four-day detox program is effective in helping you to improve immune function, improve metabolic function and restoring the liver and kidneys to optimal function. Always consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or weight-loss program

When you start a detox program, you do not want a heavy load of activities because you can often feel weak from toxins are released into your system. As a result, try to plan a detox over a long weekend or when you have bright days on the job. That being said, you do not want to be blunt through the process. Moderate exercise or activity tomorrow will increase circulation, which in turn helps the body flush out toxins released during detox. It does not matter what you do, but get out and do something. This can be a brisk walk, a bike ride or other aerobic activity. If you feel dizzy while exercising, stop and sit down. This may be a side effect of detox.

Metabolic Boost and cleanse
During every day of the detox you will do several things to improve metabolic function and cleanse your body. The first thing to do after you exercise is to give your body a metabolic boost by drinking the juice of half a lemon mixed with 300 ml of hot water before breakfast. Between breakfast and snacks, you will flush the system daily with 400 ml of water and do the same again after you snack to cleanse your body. After lunch, you drink another 300 ml of water daily, and repeat this after snack, and before dinner. After dinner, drink an herbal tea, such as chamomile tea.

The food is very specific in this diet to maximize your calorie intake, increase antioxidant intake and toxic emissions. Breakfast on the first day consists of two pieces of fruit with 3 tbsp. sugarless muesli, 1 tbsp. linseed oil and 2 tbsp. goat’s milk yogurt. Breakfast on the second day consists of muesli oatmeal, toasted almonds and rice milk with a grated apple. On the third day, eat beans in tomato sauce with steamed spinach and a mushroom, spinach and tomato omelette on the last day.

Lunch the first day includes lentils, capers and sage salad on beetroot. For the second day, eat a salad with tomato, carrot, rocket, sprouts, an egg, avocado and chickpeas. On the third day, eat three spring rolls with tamari. For the fourth lunch, make a salad with green lentils with roasted pumpkin, spinach and lemon juice.

Dinner is low in fat with grilled chicken on spinach, walnuts, apple and sweet potato. On the second day, you will consume salmon with bok choy, rice noodles and tamari. For your third dinner make stir-fry vegetables with chicken and rice. On the last day, eat grilled vegetables with humus and snapper.

Morning snacks should miso soup on the first two days of mixed berries on the third day. The fourth day is snack is an orange. Afternoon snacks should almonds and prunes on the first day, carrot and celery with humus on the other, an apple and smoked tofu in the third, with an apple and nuts on the last day.

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