Eating Right For Your Metabolism Type

Eating Right For Your Metabolism Type

By | December 10, 2016

To eat the right amount of calories to maintain your weight, to lose weight or gain weight, you must know your Basal Metabolic Rate. Once you know what your Basal Metabolic Rate is, you can adjust your calorie intake to meet the needs of your metabolism type. When you meet the needs of your metabolism type, you will have better control of your body’s health

You need:.
Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator


Calorie Counter.
The food pyramid chart.



Decide if you want to maintain your weight, to lose weight or gain weight. Use a Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator to find out how many calories you need to consume daily in tranquility: Insert your height, your weight and your age in BMR calculator on Discovery Health website. Note calories you need in your notebook.

Increase the amount of calories you need 500 calories to get half a kilo every week or 1 000 calories to get two pounds per week. Reduce basal metabolic rate calorie intake by 500 to 1,000 calories per week to lose one kilogram or two each week. Consume the amount of calories you by Basal Metabolic Rate if you need to maintain current weight.

Use the food pyramid guide to consume the proper amount of parts from each food groups in your diet. Create a section in the notebook for each food group every day. Write down the foods you eat.

Use the calorie counter to determine caloric intake, and document your calorie intake in your notebook at each food listed under each food group. Do not consume more than caloric intake goal

to improve metabolic rate, exercise three times a week for half an hour a day ,. . Cardiovascular exercises are best for increasing metabolic rate, as aerobics, jogging, running and swimming are all excellent exercise choice. Reduce exercise to one to two times a week doing stretches and strength training with weights if you want to maintain your weight, or if you are looking to gain weight.

Tips and Warnings

Once you have decided on Basal Metabolic Rate, you’ve decided how much calories your body needs while at rest. To lose weight, you’ll want to reduce the amount of calories you consume by pulling them from the Basal Metabolic rate. You’ll also want to engage in regular workouts, so you can burn calories and increase the Basal Metabolic Rate when you want to lose weight. To gain weight, you need to add calories to your Basal Metabolic Rate calculation. Because there are 3,500 calories in a kilo, you’ll want to add 500 calories to your Basal Metabolic Rate calorie intake calculation and you will then need to consume the amount of calories daily to get half a kilogram each week. Your Basal Metabolic rate will change as you get older, so you will want to recalculate your BMR least once a year
not reduce your calorie intake to less than 1,500 calories a day ,. To do so is to risk malnutrition and to induce incredible hunger. Also slows a diet that does not provide enough calories down your metabolism and you will burn fewer calories because the body is fooled into thinking that you are starving.

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