How To Choose Lower Carb Pasta

How To Choose Lower Carb Pasta

By | December 10, 2016

Low-carb diet has become very popular. In an effort to lose weight, people are finding ways to reduce the intake of carbohydrates or eliminate them all together. Pasta is a food known to have a lot of carbohydrates, but do not eliminate it from your diet. You can eat lower carb pasta and continue to experience the same great flavors

Read nutrition labels in the store before you buy pasta. While lower carb pasta may contain some of the same ingredients as regular pasta, they have less of certain ingredients or substitutions of ingredients. Look for pasta that contains less flour or as a substitute for soy flour plain flour. Also look for pasta containing more eggs and vegetable proteins, and increased dietary fiber.

Explore pasta boxes on store shelves. Pasta with lower carbohydrates usually written across the front of the box in plain view for those who do not want to read nutrition labels. Note that lower carb pasta tend to cost slightly more than regular pasta.

Please note the different types of carbohydrates in pasta. Some carbohydrates are digestible carbohydrates and others are net carbs. Digestible carbohydrates are carbohydrates that can be broken down by gastrointestinal tract before enzymes from digestion reach them, resulting in fewer carbohydrates are absorbed into the bloodstream. Net carbs are dealing with glycemic load in foods that measures the amount of digestible carbohydrates in foods. To distinguish between digestible and net carbs, you need to find their food glycemic load and have your blood sugar tested by your doctor. Glucose levels may also be tested at home with a glucose monitor. You can find the glycemic values ??of pasta on the glycemic index (see Resources below).

Shop at an organic or health food store selling healthier food options. These stores contain pasta made from ingredients such as durum wheat semolina. Durum semolina is actually a high-quality wheat ingredient used in making carbs. In addition to offering a lower amount of carbohydrates in pasta made with durum wheat semolina, it has a great taste.

Tips and Warnings

Find companies online that makes low-carb pasta (see Resources below).
Talk to a nutritionist or dietitian about low carb pasta. You want to ensure that your body is still getting the recommended amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients. Tell your doctor if your body has some negative reactions to the lower carb intake.

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