How To Lose Weight With Treadmill Workouts

How To Lose Weight With Treadmill Workouts

By | December 10, 2016

To lose weight you need to add a combination of both diet and exercise into your daily routine. Weight loss involves a simple equation: burn more calories each day than you consume. For this reason, if you begin to do treadmill workouts regularly and reduce calorie consumption, you will shed excess weight. And when you are working out on a treadmill working body’s largest group of muscles and muscle burns more calories than fat, so if you build this muscle group you will naturally burn more calories.

You need:

. Sneakers.

Set up the treadmill in a comfortable environment. This may involve the use of a treadmill in your living room while watching TV or listening to the radio, or use a gym treadmill at a time when your gym is less busy.


Wear comfortable clothing that absorbs moisture. Add sweatband to the forehead or wrist. This ensures that the sweat does not drip on the face or on the equipment. Trainers should also be supportive and comfortable to prevent damage, while on the treadmill.

Schedule exercise into your day. This will ensure that you have time to exercise, and that it becomes a habit. Start small, with a duration you are comfortable with. Gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts as you notice that they will be easier for you.

Add weights to your workout to increase intensity. Wearing weights on your legs will amp up the intensity and wearing weights on your arms will also help build upper body and lower.

Have intervals when using the treadmill. This will help you burn more calories. To add an interval all you need to do is add a period of faster walking or running for about one minute every five minutes. For example, begin to go in five minutes, run for one minute and slow down and go for another five. Keep repeating this for the entire duration of your workout.

You can also use resistance bands or weights to create an interval. Attach a resistance band to the treadmill or have weighed gloves. Walk for five minutes and and one minute punch like a boxer while walking and holding bands or wearing gloves. Keep repeating the steps for the duration of your workout.

Turn up the tempo by changing the type of walking you do. Most treadmills allow to run, jog and walk. You can also do this on a slope, go forward or backward, and you can even add lunges to your. Different angles and body positions help work different muscle groups.

Tips and Warnings

Consult your physician before beginning a new workout routine.

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