500 Calorie Diet Menu

500 Calorie Diet Menu

By | December 11, 2016

Daily calorie intake varies by gender and weight, but an average weight man who engages in moderate physical activity regularly needs about 2,500 calories per day. An average weight woman needs about 2,000 calories per day. As you can see, 500 calories per meal or 1,500 calories a day-falls well below average, so while the 500-calorie meals are effective for losing weight in the short term, you may not want to cut calories any more than this, which you may wind up depriving yourself of essential nutrients.

You need:.
two or three snacks during a 100 calories every

500 Calorie Meat, poultry and seafood Based Meals

The Better bodz website has posted a clear, handy charts, detailing a number of meal ideas that fall between 450 and 500 calories. Meat eaters can find satisfaction in Steak and Broccoli meal: 8.3 oz. of sirloin steak (not cooked in butter), together with a 2-cup serving of fresh steamed broccoli. For fish lovers, a grilled or poached 10oz. salmon fillet, served with a 6 oz. baked sweet potato, is loaded with vitamins and healthy omega-3 oils, while the rest of 500 calorie mark.
500 Calorie Vegetarian Ethnic Meals

Asian and Indian cuisine is a reliable way to eat well and keep your calorie count down, as many Asian and Indian dishes avoid heavy cream and butters, with a few exceptions in the realm of Indian food (ie paneer cheese korma sauces). Wegmans gives a recipe for Shanghai wok tofu with sesame which is spicy and full of flavor (although you will want to replace oyster sauce with vegetarian oyster sauce!).

Chana Masala, an Indian spicy chickpea dish is too spicy, yet warm and comforting. Serve it over a single serving of basmati rice, and sprinkle plenty of fresh chopped cilantro over entree before serving. This meal, besides being low-calorie and healthy, is also very cheap to put together.
500 Calorie Fast Food Meals
Fast food places are generally terrible and unhealthy places to get food, but for those who insist on getting their convenience-food fix while you are counting calories, there are a few somewhat decent meals to be had. Website Eat this, Not That is a treasure trove of healthy food info, one of the area’s recommendations are a grilled chicken sandwich with a medium iced tea, and a green salad drizzled with balsamic dressing. Difficult as it may be to believe, there are even low-calorie, low-cholesterol options on franchise donut eateries: look for egg white in English muffins (instead of baguettes), accompanied by an English breakfast tea.

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