Why I Don’t Experience Dizziness After Eating

Why I Don’t Experience Dizziness After Eating

By | December 11, 2016

dizziness after eating may be associated with a variety of medical problems, mostly postprandial hypoglycemia, where blood sugar levels fall after eating. people who notice the development of dizziness and vertigo after meals should consult a physician for review, so it may be a sign of a serious underlying medical problem. In other cases, patients may be in treatment for a condition without being aware of the fact that dizziness after eating is a common symptom.

people notice dizziness after eating may want to keep a log, noting foods eaten and how long it takes for dizziness to the outbreak. this can sometimes provide important diagnostic clues for a doctor to assess a patient. if dizziness is experienced at other times or patients brands questions fainting, feeling generally fatigued, or having distorted view, these should also be mentioned and discussed with a physician. . any increase in the severity of symptoms should be discussed with a doctor to see if it is necessary to come in for a visit
doctors can run a series of diagnostic tests to find out why a patient feels dizzy after eating. These may include blood sugar tests, including tests for fasting and after eating. endoscopy of the esophagus and stomach may be advised to look for signs of inflammation and disease. other diagnostic possibilities can be explored as necessary. . Treatments can range from simply changing a medication to eliminate the side effects of giving hypoglycemia treatments to control blood sugar with diet, exercise, medication and other measures

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