Find Your Body Frame Size (elbow Size Method)

Find Your Body Frame Size (elbow Size Method)

By | December 12, 2016

When determining your ideal weight range, it is important to know the frame size you are small, medium or big-boned?

While wrist measurement method is easiest, is the elbow width measuring method a little more complicated, but often more accurate.
Read on to see how you can measure your elbow width to determine the frame size

You need:. .
calipers (optional)

tape measure or ruler.


Hold your arm straight in front of you, and then raise it to a 90 degree angle (to make a backwards L shape).

Identify two legs belonging to the elbow joint. Turn the arm so palm faces to the right. There should be an upper leg and a lower leg in public by your elbow.

Use calipers or thumb and forefinger (calipers are often more accurate), touch both joints, remove calipers or your and immediately measure the space between the top of a ruler or tape measure. Write down the number.

Use the table below to determine your body frame size. This figure includes measurements for a medium-sized frame. If the measurement is under inches below your height, then you have a small frame. If the measurement is over inches below your height, than you have a large frame
Height: Under 5 ‘2 “

Elbow width: 2.25 “. -2.5” = Medium frame
Height: 5 ? “to 5 ’10”

Elbow width: 2.375 “-2. 625” = medium frame

Height: 5 ? “and up
Elbow width: Two. 5. “- 2. 75” = medium frame

Now that you know your frame size, go to the weight chart in recommending the resources below to determine your ideal weight range

Tips and Warnings

For more accuracy, try simpler wrist measurement method and in both these figures in frame size calculator in the recommended section below.

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