How To Determine The Calories You Need To Lose Weight

How To Determine The Calories You Need To Lose Weight

By | December 12, 2016

We’ve all been there. We’ve tried diets, plans and shakes. Sometimes we’ve even lost weight.

In most cases, however, it comes off. . . Then come back. . . With a little extra that was not there before.
To get rid of those pounds for good, get rid of your old beliefs about weight loss and dieting. What you need to focus on is your calorie intake-in other words-how much you eat

Your body needs a certain number of calories per day to just maintain a given weight. Here is how to calculate how many calories you should eat per day. Gentlemen, the formula is the same for you, but with slightly higher multipliers. Sorry, ladies, it’s not fair, but this is about biology, not equal rights.

Everything you do burns calories. Sitting burns more than lying, running burns more than walking. Find out if your activity level is low, medium, high or extreme. How much you move around and doing physical activity every day? If activity is low, select a multiplier of 10. Medium’s multiplier is 11. High is 12. Extreme is 13.

A good calculator found at http: // www. caloriecontrol. org / exercalc. html

Find out what your ideal weight should be. For this example, let’s say 120 pounds
A calculator can be found here :. Http: // www. health discovery. net / links / calculators / ideal_bw_women. htm

Another way is to use a chart: http:. // Www. weightcharts. net /

Multiply your ideal weight times multiplier. For example, if you have a medium activity lifestyle, your multiplier be 11. In our example, this woman needs to eat 11 x 120 pounds, or 1320 calories a day. If she eats so much a day, eventually she will reach her goal weight.
Although it may be tempting to lose weight faster, not try. Not only is it unhealthy, but you will be more likely to binge, starting yo-yo pattern.

Keep a food diary. Starting today, research each item of food you eat and record every calorie. Estimate that you need to, and hone that number as more information becomes available.

www. thedailyplate. com is useful for this, or carry a calorie counter
Each day, record calories in a spreadsheet or a card. . Be honest.

Repeat STEP 5. Yes, you will have bad days, but only to return on schedule the next day. Do not let a slip ruin the whole plan. . . Initially this will be hard to do, but it will get easier as the months go

Now, here is a part of the diet plans do not address-keep doing this for the rest of your life. If this seems difficult, we recommend renewing the plan each year. Obviously, you should adjust the program depending on how active you are.

As time goes on, learn about healthier choices.

Be more active, and you can eat more
Adjust your eating habits to include more vitamins and fiber ,. . . and less fat and sugar

Do not swear off cake or ice cream. Just eat less. Treat yourself from time to time. It’s about eating less of the fattening stuff and more of the healthy stuff.

Get ready to have to buy new clothes.

pounds will melt quickly at first and the interest rate will decrease over time as you approach your target weight. It’s normal. Just make this a lifestyle, and you can stay thin and healthy.

Tips and Warnings

Never say diet! This is a healthy eating plan for life.
See a doctor before starting any weight-loss program.

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