How To Lose Water Weight With Food

How To Lose Water Weight With Food

By | December 12, 2016

If you feel bloated and look fat, then you probably want to know how to lose the water weight. If you pay attention to your diet and eating the right foods you will shed those pounds quickly

Eat foods that are diuretic and helps you to lose water. Some of these include-

Apple cider vinegar (maintains potassium levels)



Cranberry juice

Green tea

Tomatoes (also aid metabolism)


Put some lemon or lime in the water. These citrus can act as a diuretic will help you to shed a bit of water you retain.

Eat less salt. If you eat a lot of foods high in sodium when your body tries to keep the water to compensate. So if you eat less salt, your body will begin to shed this excess water. Some other foods to avoid include sugary foods

Drink tea instead of coffee. Drink green and herbal tea will help you lose water weight as these are also natural diuretics. In addition, they will not make insulin spike so that coffee does, something that can make you gain weight.

Drinking water. Yes it sounds weird right, drink water to get rid of the water body retains. But it will help to flush the body out and rid it of toxins. Remember that green tea you drink counts this water count as 6 cups water or tea a day is enough. Despite the old myth that we need eight glasses a day, many doctors say it is too much, and may actually be hard on the kidneys.

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