How To Make Sure You Get Enough Vitamin D In The Diet

How To Make Sure You Get Enough Vitamin D In The Diet

By | December 12, 2016

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin which helps to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Having a lack of vitamin D can cause many symptoms as muscle pain, weak bones, fractures, low energy, constant fatigue, low immunity, depression or mood swings, irregular sleep patterns and this is just to name a few. Low vitamin D levels have also been linked to high blood pressure and some cancers. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is on the rise because of people not getting out more and using sunscreen. If you think you may have low vitamin D Check with your doctor so he can perform a simple blood test to measure your levels. Here are some ways to increase if necessary or maintain vitamin D levels

You need:. .


milk (vitamin D added).

vitamin D supplements.


Get out! Just 10 minutes of sunlight a day will help your vitamin D levels.

Eat fish twice a week these may contain tuna and salmon.

Drink milk!

Add Vitamin D supplement. See warning below.

Tips and Warnings

If you take a vitamin D supplement make sure not to take over the recommended dose as toxicity may occur.
If you are concerned about your vitamin D levels go see your doctor as they can perform a simple blood test to check levels.

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