How Natural Weight Loss Suggestions

How Natural Weight Loss Suggestions

By | December 13, 2016

If you are really interested in losing weight there are various ways this can be achieved. Start today and learn how to lose weight naturally

You need:

. willpower.


I’ve had my battles and struggles with being overweight at certain times in my life. But I have found a few ways to get the weight off quickly. And you will be able to take the weight off as well, and keep it off as long as you continue to use these natural weight loss suggestions.
My first natural weight loss suggestion is to get a variety of colonics. A series of not less than 3 treatments. Colonics clean the colon and remove debris that has accumulated over the years has been a plaster like film on the colon walls. This creates a blockage in the colon and waste is unable to pass through the intestine and can not be removed properly.

If you take a series of colonics this will help to flatten the stomach, helps you lose weight and provide energy as well. Colonics have been known to clear skin and bright eyes as well as to eliminate harmful bacteria and disease from the body.
Along with the colonics my second natural weight loss suggestion is an Oriental Rice Diet. On this diet is to eat brown rice and raw vegetables, or legumes, fruit or without spices. No salt, pepper no, no nothing. For example, if you start out in the morning with rice and fruit for breakfast you can not eat rice and legumes for lunch. Whatever you start with in the morning you will stick with for 3 meals that day.

This is done for three days, creating a scrubbing effect in the body. This scrubbing loosens foreign debris and particles from your organs and cells. So on day four you are to drink juices, water and preferably herbal teas all day to wash away all of the debris that was loosened from the scrubbing of the body.

Repeat this once a month, and you will maintain the desired body weight. If you did this jut once a month not only will you lose weight but you would maintain proper body weight. This is also good for removing high blood pressure.
For maintenance my natural weight loss suggestion it is to bathe in sea salts as these salts help remove excess water weight. If practiced regularly any water weight will diminish and skin will be equipped with the right amount of moisture and skin soft, supple, fresh and glowing. There are many sea salts on the market today that are pricey. But old fashioned Epsom Salt will do well.

After a daily shower it is best to rinse in cold water before going out of the shower. Just get the water as cold as you can comfortably stand it. This will not only renew you and keep you cool when you dress, it will also help to keep your skin firm and will increase circulation. The main advantage of this is that this will tighten the skin thus keeping your skin from sagging.

My last natural weight loss suggestion is vinegar and honey. You just boil a cup of water and season with “Raw Honey”. Usually a teaspoon or two and perhaps a hat of vinegar. ‘Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother “is recommended. You can grab it at any health food store for a few dollars. Please do not attempt to use regular Apple Cider Vinegar.
Vinegar cuts fat and honey has so many benefits that are so long that I will not address them in this article. But this concoction will not only help you lose weight it is responsible for a number of other benefits.
I would advise you to pick up a book about the benefits of vinegar and honey which can also be found in your local health food store or online.

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