How To Buy Food To Avoid High Cholesterol

How To Buy Food To Avoid High Cholesterol

By | December 13, 2016

There are foods to avoid high cholesterol. Some foods are just plain good for you, other foods actually help to reduce unhealthy cholesterol when used with a healthy diet

fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables.

The best thing to do to avoid high cholesterol is to fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not put much butter course vegetables or they will be cholesterol monsters. If you fill up on high-fiber fruits and vegetables will lower cholesterol by squeezing the bad food out of your diet.

Buy high FIBER complex carbohydrates.
High fiber foods actually help block the absorption of cholesterol and move extra fat through the system. The fibrous material actually ties to places in the digestive tract where fatty foods would normally be absorbed, leaving no where for cholesterol to go but you.


A quick way to find foods to avoid high cholesterol is to just look for the little red heart on food packaging. It must meet certain FDA standards to carry the label, meaning it is a heart healthy food.

Replace oil and butter with olive oil and LOW FAT OPTIONS.
Olive oil in small doses is incredibly healthy for your system. Butter, however, is high are oily materials and will clog your arteries if eaten in large quantities. Find butter alternatives to lower cholesterol when combined with the above points.

BUY FROM THE HEART healthy menu at restaurants.

Americans often consume more fat during a night out to eat than they do in the whole two days to eat at home. Choose from healthy choices on the menu, and force yourself to eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits especially when eating out.
See more tips below to purchase food that avoid high cholesterol.

Tips and Warnings

Choose leaner cuts of meat. 80/20 meat has 1/5 of the weight from fat. 97/3 is very skinny.
Use ground turkey instead of ground beef.
Buy meatless meals and do not add a lot of cheese.

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